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In addition to her work as a performer, lecturer, clinician, and recording artist, Ana María is also an arranger. Discover some of her work below, and contact her directly for more information about her arrangements and services.

Work Samples

Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring for two pianos and two percussionists. Arranged by Ana María Otamendi.

Elena Lacheva and Ana María Otamendi, pianos Grant Beiner and Jesús Pacheco, percussion


From part 2:

Glorification of the Chosen One

Evocation of the Ancestors: 2:00

Ritual action of the Ancestors: 2:50

Sacrificial Dance: 6:48

Bernstein: Cool Fugue, Meeting Scene and Cha-cha from West Side Story. Octave Illusion Ensemble.

Elena Lacheva and Ana Maria Otamendi, piano.
Jesus Pacheco and Grant Beiner, percussion.
Arrangement by Octave Illusion.

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